Animation model making Workshop

Many of the activities in the square are focussed on the drawn end of cartoons; gags, jokes and caricatures, but the festival is not exclusively about cartooning with pen on paper. Every year we have a workshop for those interested in animation, ran by local animator Joe Coulman. ( and Hamish Mckeown.

The 2016 workshop was an introduction to model making for animation and gave visitors the chance to make Barry the Shrew, the festival mascot, out of modelling clay. Barry was designed by cartoonist Roger Penwill and over the years has appeared in a number of guises.


Those who attended the busy workshop each made a version of Barry from scratch, in the process picking up what’s important when modelling a character for 3d animation. They could then apply professional ideas to their own work and characters in future.

Here are some photos of a completed Barry, throwing a few poses…


A plasticene Barry from a 3d animation model workshop at Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival 2016


Visitors to Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival 2016 had the chance to join a workshop modelling a character for animation


Barry the Shrew, Cartoon Festival mascot, made out of modelling clay in 2016. Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival workshop to make a 3d model for animation.


Our animation workshop at Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival in 2016 showed visitors how to make Barry the Shrew out of plasticene.

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