2016 Live Caricaturists

Another of the main attractions on the live day of the Cartoon Festival is the Live Caricaturists, who are on hand ready to draw the public. It’s a unique opportunity for visitors to take home a personalised cartoon, so queues very quickly appear!

There are usually 3 caricaturists working and it’s a great display of individual skills and interpretations. We have some repeat visitors who’ve been drawn at every festival, and it’s not uncommon for families to take home a drawing from each artist if they’re prepared to rejoin the queue.

Recent years have seen the addition of ‘cartoon busking’ to entertain visitors in the queue. Gag cartoonists were performance drawing cartoons for the crowd to also take away. We also introduced the chance to get your caricature printed onto a mug!

This year had an element of physical challenge for the cartoonists because it had snowed first thing that morning.

Here are some photos of this year’s caricaturists.


Stan Hurr caricaturing at his easel. Photo © http://www.macreative.co.uk


Stan Hurr adds a touch of Montmartre to a nose at Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival 2016. Photo © http://www.macreative.co.uk


The public enjoy watching caricaturists get stuck in. Photo © http://www.macreative.co.uk


The big reveal gets a laugh for John Roberts. Photo © http://www.macreative.co.uk


Luke Warm and Stan Hurr busy caricaturing. Photo © http://www.macreative.co.uk


Mayor Miles Kenny has been a long term fan of the festival. Next to him Pete Dredge and Noel Ford capably man the ‘cartoon busking’ table. Photo © http://www.macreative.co.uk


Terry Anderson and Pete Dredge ‘cartoon busk’ for visitore in the queue. Photo © http://www.macreative.co.uk

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