Big Board Cartooning


Cartoonist Roger Penwill draws a Big Board Cartoon. Photo ©

One of the main attractions on the live day of the festival is the Big Board cartooning. As the name sugggests, these are large scale cartoons drawn live before the public. Here we see former festival Chairman Roger Penwill at work.

Find more of Roger’s work at

Did you know any of the big board cartoons can be purchased? If you’ve got a favourite from this or a previous year, drop us a line. It could be hanging on your wall!


Cartoonist Roger Penwill at Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival 2016. Photo © Mika Schick


Cartoonist Roger Penwill adds a caption to his Big Board Cartoon. Photo ©


Roger Penwill’s completed Big Board Cartoon at Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival 2016, on the theme of ‘Luck’. Photo © Mika Schick

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